Buttermilk Country & Bishop Bowl - Mt Emerson- snow conditions

Mt Emerson North Couloir
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Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 9:45pm
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37° 14' 42.0288" N, 118° 39' 17.0928" W
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Toured from Aspendell, across the base of Bishop Bowl and up to the N couloir of Mt Emerson today. Eastern aspects were already quite warm at 0800am and offered easy skinning. Snow was good and supportive with a hard freeze overnight. There was a light dusting of new snow throughout the area with a trace to 1" on lower elevation terrain today. The higher in elevation, the more new snow there was to be found. The sheltered northerly couloirs of Emerson harbored 20-35cm of soft powder snow with little to no wind damage. The top 10cm of surface snow was from 4F+ to 1F- on top of 20-25cm of F powdery winter like snow. The new snow was very well bonded to older snow surfaces and provided excellent skiing in the couloirs today. Hasty pits did not reveal any planar or sudden shears within the new snow/old snow interface. There was enough sluff moving today while skiing that one could get knocked off their feet today and possible twist a knee, but for the most part it was not enough volume to even classify as a D1. Easterly aspects even on the ski down in later afternoon ~3pm provided good corn skiing and supportive conditions. It was only when you got below 9000ft that the snow became sticky and quite wet. 

We observed some minor D.5 wet loose activity on easterly aspects, where new snow was point releasing from rock outcroppings and cliff features. We also heard and saw some decent rockfall on  a southerly aspect today coming from the Checkered Demon. 

It was dead calm all the way up to 13000ft and it was very warm and bright today.

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