Bloody Mountain, Cold Winter Snow, Inconclusive Snowpack Tests

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Sunday, February 4, 2018 - 11:30am
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37° 33' 56.16" N, 118° 54' 41.4" W
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Booted up the NE facing scree ridge aproach to the top of Bloody Mtn. Skied from the top and tested the cold faceted snowpack on N aspects.

Not great coverage between Mammoth and the Convict area (see coverage photos looking NW and SE). Adequate riding snow is limited largely to gullies and high elevations. Even the NE face of Bloody was mostly rock.

Light to moderate and cold SW-W-NW winds the whole way up and along the summit ridge. No blowing snow anywhere. Air temp at the top = 3.5 deg C, Tsurf = -6.5 deg C (both taken just below the summit ridge on the N side where the snow was a patchwork of previously wind deposited, previously wind scoured, and surface facets). Snow that had collected along the top of the SW side of the summit ridge was melt-freeze even at >12,000', but the slopes below were bare. Snow on our descent was varriable consisting of previous wind deposits of varrying hardnesses, some areas have been previously scoured down to a hard icy wind crust, and some areas were soft surface facets. Not too much breakable crust though. Snow depth averaged abouut 125cm near the top, and deeper down in the middle of the slope, before thinning out to about 30cm at the bottom. Previous wind drifts were as deep as 190cm. There were three softer facet layers underlying fragile prviously deposited wind crusts. One at about 15cm down, one at 30cm down, and one about 55cm down. The bottome of the snowpack was also softer faceted grains. Probing showed those layers to be pretty consistent throughout our descent. Snowpack tests near the top and near the lower portion of the slope showed no conclusive response from any weak layer. One CTM SP in the 30cm facet layer which was F hard and under a 1F+ wind deposit. ECTs did not propagate in any layer: ECTN 15 in the 15cm deep facet layer and ECTN 30 in the 30cm facet layer (ECTs done at the lower test site: 11,000' NNE aspect, 52 degree slope).

Ski cuts and stomping on multiple wind deposits had no results. No instabilities encountered anywhere on Bloody or seen on slopes visible from Bloody.

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