Bishop Creek - Table Mountain snow conditions

Jawbone Canyon-Table Mtn
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Wednesday, April 10, 2019 - 3:45pm
37° 13' 56.8056" N, 118° 35' 40.5636" W
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Checked out the Table mountain area out of the N fork of Bishop Creek. Blustery day out there with strong north winds bannering snow off the high peaks. Moderate swirling winds at 9-10000ft and temperatures just above freezing during the middle of the day. There was anywhere from 2-6" of new snow from last nights squall. There was a good overnight freeze with 15-30cm of hard frozen snow over moist grains. I walked up the road behind the gate towards Sabrina to check out a few fairly large D2 wet loose avalanches that had slid off the westerly side of Table Mountain. They look to have occured during the past few days when we had minimal freezing and the greenhousing cloud cover. Similiar activity was observed on Tinemaha and the Split Mtn area. One avalanche came just within a feet of hitting the road and had debris that was 3-5ft deep. It was hard to tell how far up it had started, but it ran a minimum of 800 ft vertical. 

The bit of new snow coating provided some smooth turns where it had not yet got to warmed up by the sun, but overall, variable conditions were present with a majority of the snow surface consisting  of melt-freeze crust, with pockets of new snow in depressions and gullies. Even by midday, snow was still quite supportive and frozen. Continual cooling winds combined with the clear night helped alot to lock the snowpack back up after Monday's manky conditions.

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