Bishop Creek

N Facing Terrain in Bishop Creek
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Friday, January 3, 2020 - 3:00pm
Snowpit Observations
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Toured between 8600’ and 10800’ in the Bishop Creek zone today on primarily north facing slopes. The snowpack in the area was extremely shallow ranging from a few inches to somewhere around 2-3 feet in windloaded areas. The snow surface was a patchwork of recycled powder (near surface facets) in sheltered areas, supportable wind slabs, melt freeze crusts, trapdoor windboard, brush and rocks. All of which were found throughout this elevation band. Breakable windboard was between 1 and 12 inches in some locations and exhibited some cracking localized to my skis. Some dinner plate sized pieces broke off and slid on the underlying NSF. On solar aspects which held any snow there were some small rollerballs, likely from yesterday. We did find debris from an older avalanche on a NNW aspect near tree line in a sparsely treed, gully feature. The starting zone was ideal for windloading. The debris was not deep enough to bury a person but the track of the avalanche ran through small trees for a few hundred feet, likely the kind of slide that could have hurt if tangled up in it. The crown was obscured by recent windloading in this exposed area. Today winds were calm and temperatures were near freezing and high thin clouds covered about 50% of the sky. I did not observe any blowing snow locally or in the adjacent high country.

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50% of the sky covered by clouds
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Below Freezing
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