Bishop Bowl

Bishop Bowl
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Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - 1:30pm
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37° 10' 20.4744" N, 118° 36' 0.5724" W
Snowpit Observations
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Report from local Mountain Guide:

(map location very imprecise). Bishop Bowl. Surprising lack of HST snow due to overnight winds. We were skiing 15-30cms on top of the old snow (sun, rain, and wind crusts). Some stiffer wind affected slabs that mostly still skied very well due to cold temps and faceting. We avoided all steep lee and xloaded areas and started our descent a few hundred feet below the summit due to risk vs. reward and time constraints for clients. Hollow 1F wind slabs 1-5cm thick over 4F storm snow (didn’t look too carefully at it) with surface facets above. Slab 30-50+cm deep. Below 9000’ stability was good and hazard was low, other than in isolated lee/xloaded start zones that we were careful to avoid. Above 9000’ we observed up to size 2-2.5 avalanche risk exposure. A lot of wind stripping near ridge top and some evidence of overnight winds in the open flats. At least 7 people followed our skin track up Bishop Bowl. 

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