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East Gully Mt Tom
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Monday, March 4, 2019 - 4:00pm
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37° 21' 15.156" N, 118° 38' 33.0864" W
Snowpit Observations
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Toured up Mt. Tom today via the east gully. By 930am snow surfaces were already warmed up and made for easy skinning. Upon reaching 9000' there was still dry powdery snow on northerly aspects, but the rest of snow exposed to sun in the lower regions was already pseudo corn conditions. Wanted to check what the solar input and warming temperatures were doing to southerly aspects so went up a SE facing slope to above 11000ft . The top 5cm of snow was wet and was a bit moist for a further 10cm or so down within the new snow from Saturday's storm. The lower part of the new 25-30cm of snow was still cold and below an old meltfreeze crust 30cm down snow was cold and dry. There was some minor roller balling and a few small point releases that initiated from rock outcrops, but other than that the warming wasn't too significant to cause any major activity on southerly slopes. In fact the SE facing terrain where it hadn't slid during Saturday's storm harbored nice creamy boot top powder that was very well bonded to the old snow surface. Skied 25-20cm of cold powdery snow on northerly tilted aspects to about 8500ft and then had perfectly smooth corn type spring skiing on southerly aspects. Not much wind effect observed where I travelled, a nice change from the strafing winds of the last few weeks.

Strong results on hand shears, really couldn't pull the new snow off on warming southerly aspects, getting moist and well bonded.

Dug a pit at 11,054ft   128deg SE aspect   32deg slope

HS: 190cm

HNS: 30cm

(190cm-160cm =F) (160cm - 159cm =P melt/freeze crust) (159cm-150cm =4F) (150cm- 100cm =1F)

CT10E BRK @ 175cm 

CT11M  RP Q2 @  160cm  (new snow/old snow interface) was resistant planer

SKI PEN=20cm BOOT PEN = 30cm

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Gorgeous day with sunny skies, light thin haze came into the area around 1200pm. Light winds for the most part; a bit of visible snow transport above 13000ft, but looked to only last for a few hours in the morning. 

33F @ 1230pm 11054ft

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