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N. aspects Birch Mtn
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Sunday, April 7, 2019 - 2:00pm
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37° 4' 5.394" N, 118° 24' 52.5312" W
Snowpit Observations
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Toured from Birch Lake TH (6,600') up Birch Creek and up N aspect of Birch Mtn to summit (13,600') and back down.  Mid to lower slopes warming on all aspects by mid-afternoon, but not to concerning levels on the terrain we skied.  Saw no signs of loose wet acitivity.  Overall low level of avalanche concern. 

-Some sporadic wind gusts transporting snow across rocky ridges mid-mtn form the west, but sporadic and we couldn't find any concerning new or old wind slabs during our travel.  Hand pits consistently showed firmly bonded snow, except for a few areas of patchy thin 1-3cm newer crusts which failed with easier force.  

-East facing terrain above 13,000' was warming with slight surface moistening at noon, but still very small grained wintery snow just  beginning to transition.  

-South-easterly facing slopes by 12:30 up to 10,500' were quite moist and becoming less supportable and punchy.

-North facing slopes below 10,800' were showing signs of warming and moistening at 2:00pm, but not at a concerning level.  Below ~9000' at this time north facing slopes were moistening and becoming a bit punchy.    

-East facing terrain at 8,800' at 2pm was still mostly supportable and not yet beginning to re-freeze, 3mm corn grains.  SE and E facing slopes down to 7,400' had even larger grains and were wetter, a bit less supportable.  

-Snowline on north facing slopes reached down to ~7,000' (~400' higher than the TH)  Snowline quite a bit higher on southerly facing terrain  See attached photo.  

*Beautiful day in the mtns, variable but not breakable cold snow in north facing sheltered terrain above 10,200' (firm edgeable to chalky to dense powder).

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Light thin cloud cover, mostly calm winds except for isolated moderate gusts mid-mountain (see attached video), light SW breeze at the summit (13,600') at noon, air temp = 0°C (32°F).  Air temp at 3pm at 6,200' = 70°F.  

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