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Basin Mountain
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Sunday, February 24, 2019 - 2:15pm
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East Chute of Basin 37° 17' 50.91" N, 118° 39' 22.518" W
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Climbed to the top of the east chute of Basin today. Snow line around 6400 feet, able to ski from the car today to 12,800 on Basin. No cracking or whumping today. Calm winds up to our high point, with some small snow banners coming off the summit (NW wind).

Variable conditions throughout.  Mostly wind affected snow top to bottom, though some soft, winter snow in N facing trees between 9,000-10,000ft. Strong solar input today, with slight melting noted on solar aspects up to 10,000 feet. No rollerball activity, only surface melting. Ski penetration 2-10cm for most of today's ski. Boot pen varied depending on how weak the wind crust was, 2-30cm. Generally, a dusting of soft snow on top of 2-3 cm of 1 finger-pencil wind crust overlaying softer snow underneath, sometimes wind crust would support body weight, mostly not (ski crampons helpful today). Small (100 long x 10 feet wide) point releases seen at 12,600 feet, likely from warming of rocks during the last 2 days. 

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