Baldwin Cirque, 4-6" new snow in upper northerly terrain

baldwin cirque
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Monday, February 24, 2020 - 1:30pm
37° 31' 38.6472" N, 118° 50' 54.636" W
Snowpit Observations
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The approach to the Baldwin cirque zone is now about 1.5 miles of mostly dirt walking with a few decent stretches of snow that cut a little time on skis. At 930am it was 46F, calm and did not really feel like winter. The northerly lower trees are so faceted that I felt like I was back in the Rockies in early November. Ski penetration was up to 35cm and I could punch my pole easily down to the ground, deepest pockets being around 90cm deep. There was a small point release of dry loose snow that had come off northerly cliffs in the lower sub bowl of the Baldwin drainage and looked to be a few more mid-storm small loose slides that came off of Baldwin proper and were mostly disguised by Saturday’s new snow. None  of the slides I would categorize even as a class 1.

New snow was around 1-2” in the lower reaches below 10000ft and above 10000ft in the lower angle terrain where snow could most easily be deposited there was upwards of 30cm in a few areas. Average new snow was more consistently at the 10-15cm depth, but provided good turns considering what we have been dealing with this season. Even a majority of the old surface 5cm wind board is faceting out and becoming unsupportable in the alpine and on varying panels made for some catchy turns beneath the new snow. Found 250cm of total snow at 11500ft on a NE aspect. New snow, even where pillowed and loaded did not want to move or slide off slope, but I also ascended the mellowest chute (below 40deg slope angle) in the cirque, the steeper viewers left couloirs looked more wind affected and harbored thinner looking new snow deposits. NW aspects looked horrible, including the wineglass. Imagine you could get some deeper cross loaded pockets to pull and slide on the older firm snow surfaces if you were in steeper and confined terrain. Some areas could produce more volume with some loose slides, but biggest hazards Id surmise would trend towards getting slid into rocks and other nasty obstacles. It was 29F at 11600ft at 130pm with a 10-15mph NE wind. Getting back to the trailhead at 300pm it was up to 51F at 7846ft.


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