25 cm new snow at Virginia Creek

Red Lake Bowl
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Friday, January 17, 2020 - 7:30pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
Red Lake Bowl Virginia Creek 38° 2' 25.7892" N, 119° 16' 12.594" W
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Toured up Red Lake Bowl at Virginia Creek today. There was 25 cm of new, wind packed snow where we parked at 9730 ft. I continued to find this amount of new snow throughout the short tour in sheltered places. In leeward areas the new snow accumulation was between 30 and 45 cm deep. 

At 9800 ft  at 0930 I easily kicked off a 75 cm 1F  hard cornice on a convex rollover. The 75 cm 1F cornice was sitting on 20 cm of F hard DF snow from earlier in the storm. This soft snow was sitting on a P hard surface of pre- storm snow. Needless to say that the new snow and cornice did not bond very well with the old snow surface. ( See video) 

At 9820 ft. a 3m shooting crack formed around my skis on both sides. This was caused by the collapse of the 3 cm P hard pre- storm crust underlying the new snow. The old crust was overlaying  10 cm F hard facets. 

The effects of the winds were easily visible everywhere. Even in more sheltered, treed midslope locations the snow surface showed the effects of wind. 15 cm of 4F  windpacked snow on top of F hard snow laying over a P hard old snow surface. 

At 10 am at 10600 ft. on an east aspect the sky condition was SCT, winds were low with moderate gusts blowing from the SW. There was steady snow transport occurring down and accross slopes at mid slope elevations. At ridge top level the winds were stronger, blowing the snow in saltation and turbulent suspention.  

Skiing down in a foot of new snow was pleasant but it was hardly blower pow. The snow gave an even resistance against the boots. The snow surface consisted of a 4F wind packed layer of snow that still skis well but demands your attention as you plow through it. 

It is still pretty low tide and there are plenty of early season obstacles to watch out for. Windward areas are stripped. 




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25% of the sky covered by clouds
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