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Eastern Sierra Avalanche Advisory - 5/30/17

Bottom Line:

This is the last advisory for the 2016-17 season. A big Thank You! to all our observers, contributors, sponsors, and the backcountry community for your support, observations, and generous contributions. We literally couldn’t do it without you and the support of the backcountry community. Have a great summer and see you next season!  

Bottom Line: Primary avalanche problems for Tues thru Wednesday will focus on Loose Wet avalanches and very isolated Wet Slabs.

Loose Wet will be a concern for all elevations and aspects (Low elevations - where snow is present). The risk for Loose Wet releases continues as overnight Lows remain above freezing while daytime temperatures remain above seasonable. Be especially cautious in complex terrain where sheltered rocky features can promote warming (chutes, couloirs, etc) and inhibit overnight freezing.

Tues thru Wednesday – Natural Wet Loose avalanches possible, triggered likely on all aspects and elevations on steep terrain greater than 35 degrees.

Wet Slab - Weak overnight freezes and unseasonably warm days during the forecast period will cause the snowpack to thaw quickly in the AM and become saturated with water during the day, especially where the snow is thin or where free water runs along an ice lens undermining the snowpack above, potentially producing a Wet Slab release when it fails. These are generally very isolated in nature and size but can be very dangerous if a rider becomes entrained. Use extra caution where the snowpack is thin and/or punchy (unsupportive), ie., Cliff bands, rocky features, shallow snowpack resting on grassy slopes, treed slopes, etc.

Tues thru Wednesday – Natural Wet Slab avalanches unlikely, triggered are possible on all aspects and elevations but especially on NW-W-SW-S-SE-E aspects.


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