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Slopes above Treasure Lake
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Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 8:45pm
37° 8' 8.2032" N, 118° 35' 23.7228" W
Snowpit Observations
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This observation is from Saturday, May20. 

Headed to slopes SW of Treausre Lake #1 to assess transitioning of recent (6 days) snow from earlier in the week and timing of melt.

8:00 Southlake parking lot, 9800 ft (road closed 15 mintues below). Hard freeze last night. No melting in the sun.

9:00 10,000 ft.  Solar aspects beginning to melt.

9:45 10,900 feet NE aspect. Ski penetration 2 cm. 1 to 2 day old point releases noted on E/SE aspects.
10:15 11,500 feet.  Surface=3 cm knife hard crust over old (5 day old) wind affected layer. 10 cm of large round grains beneath crust.
10:45 12,100 feet.  NE facing slope. 1 foot of recent (6 days) snow on top of previous melt freeze crust. Top 8 to 10 cm with wet (melting) grains, dry snow beneath. Hand pits failed with moderate force. Nonplanar.  Boot penetration=ankle to calf deep.
11:15  12,400  Cut cornice onto 40 degree, NE facing slope. No avalanche activity. No roller balls. Tair=6C.

11:30 Skiing on descent quite variable depending on aspect. New and wildloaded snow heavy and wet, N and NW facing slopes still firm. Small, wet slide released on ski cut at 11,100 feet on NE facing slope (see photo).

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